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Winter 9-Hole Open Sim League Information

When: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights** starting November 1 /2021 and running 10 weeks to January 30th (December 20-January 7 – Christmas season pause )


Weekly green fees: $25/person, due each week.  Green Fees may be paid in full up front by purchasing a League Tour Card for $225.00 (10% savings). Green Fees include club storage during league play

Format:  OPEN (Men/Ladies/Mixed) 2 person team, Net Best Ball Stroke Play. 9 holes.  Each week will have a different course to play, along with different course conditions (wind, green speed, gimme length putts, mulligans etc.).

Tees: Men will play from the Blue tees, Ladies will play from the Red tees

Points System: Each week the best ball Net team score will be compared to the rest of the field and points will be awarded highest to lowest for your finishing position.

Handicaps: The first two weeks of league play will be used to establish your handicap.  After the first 2 weeks, handicaps will be adjusted weekly using a formula based off your last 2 league scores and your current handicap to that point. The most a player can adjust higher is 2 strokes.  There is no limit to going lower.

Pace of play:  Each 9 hole round will take 2 hours to play when 2 teams are grouped together. Individual teams will play 9 holes in 1 hour if not grouped with another team.  You will be on the clock so keeping pace of play is important.  Staff will be around during play to help with any issues and discretion will be used to ensure everyone has a fair chance to compete and finish each week.

Subs/Make-Ups:  Plan ahead…in the event that you cannot play on a given week, you may designate a substitue. If a team cannot play during a given week, the match may be played in advance of scheduled date. We will do our best to accomodate schedule changes.

Playoffs: The top 10 teams (and ties) in points will qualify for the playoffs.  Playoffs are net best ball of the team for 18 holes. Final Scores will determine your final placing.

**If your teams schedule does not allow for you to play on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, we will do everything we can to accomodate you at another time during the week. You will require 1 hour to play your match at an alternate time.

Have FUN! This league is intended for golfers of all abilities to compete, socialize and enjoy the game indoors during the winter.  No one will retire on these winnings so let’s have some fun!

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