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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you visit, please review our FAQ’s for information on having a really fun visit.

Do I bring / play with my own set of clubs?

Yes, you play your own clubs.  Please bring your clubs with you each time (or if you are purchasing a league or tour card, inquire about club storage at no extra cost).

Do I require golf shoes?

You don’t, but please do bring them. No street shoes are allowed in the simulators and your best experience will result by creating all the same conditions you would normally play under.

Can I rent clubs?

Club rentals are not offered at this time. For group events, there will be club sets available for use by those who do not have their own. As only 1 player can hit at a time, there will be 1 set of appropriate clubs available to share with the group. 

Are there sensors in the screen that I am hitting against?

No. The SYSTEM utilizes high speed cameras to instantly calculate spin, speed, trajectory, and a host of other data to accurately predict the flight of the ball and recreate its path on the simulator. There are no sensors in the ball….it is an authentic soft core golf ball for a very true to outdoor feel.

Do I play my own ball?

No, although the balls used are identical to your typical ball, there are paint markings on the Sim balls that allow for the highest quality experience in combination with the high speed cameras that create the simulation.

Do I use my own tees?

No, although they work, they are a potential hazard to the players and equipment and therefore are not allowed. Sim tees are provided for you in various lengths as required. **PLEASE LEAVE YOUR TEES IN THE PROVIDED CONTAINER WHEN FINISHED USE**

What are my choices of courses / playing options?
How long does it take to play 18 holes?

1 golfer, 18 holes = 1 hour
4 golfers, 18 holes = 4 hours

Can I get my clubs re-gripped?

Yes! Drop Zone is a Certified Golf Pride Grip Center. We supply a number of different grip options with installation included. If you have purchased your own grips, we can do the install for you as well.

How do the rates work?

Simulator rates are charged hourly.  The rates per hour are based on based on up to 4 golfers per simulator.  When booking, keep in mind that if you wish to play a round of golf (18 holes) you will need to book enough time to accomodate your group.  

1 golfer will complete 18 holes in 1 hour

2 golfers = 2 hours

3 golfers = 3 hours

4 golfers = 4 hours

How many golfers can play at one time on one simulator?

Maximum 4.

I booked for 1 hour, but only finished 16 holes….now what?

I will do my best to check in on you from time to time to help keep your pace of play equal to 18 holes per hour. You will pay for the time you use. In the event that you wish to finish your 18 holes and there is no one waiting behind you, feel free to continue (additional charges to apply above your initial 1 hr booking).

Can I only choose to hit balls on the driving range, chipping range or putting green if I want to?

Yes, absolutely. There are outstanding range options and practice options for all aspects of your game.

Can I stop my round after a few holes and just hit balls on the range?

Yes, your time is your time, you can choose to play how you wish. Simply let the staff know and the setup can be changed in a matter of a few seconds.

Can I reserve 1 or more simulators for an event?

Yes, contact me with your event idea and we will work out your rate based on your needs.

What is the minimum age for a golfer to use the simulator? Do I need to supervise?

There is no age minimum. We encourage all ages of golfers but do ask that:

  • All minors (under 18) be understanding and respectful of the rules and policies of the facility.
  • Understand and respect the game of golf and proper etiquette.
  • Under the age of 14 be supervised by an adult / caregiver while on the premises.
  • Adult / caregiver contact information be left with the front desk if leaving facility and the minor playing unsupervised.

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