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Improve your game with ball striking games, interactive challenges, mini golf, and more.

Ball Striking Games

The Most Fun You Can Have Improving Your Golf Game

Up to 8 Players

Refine shots and hone green placement with pinpoint accuracy on a variety of fairways. aboutGOLF’s Ball Strike Games allow up to eight players at a time, providing endless entertainment and friendly competition amongst friends.


Driving accuracy: Hit as straight and as far as feasible, but with an added challenge. Each player gets five shots to score as many points as possible based on distance and fairway placement. After each shot, the edges of the fairway crumbles into the sea, making the next shot that much more complex. The margin of error becomes razor thin.


Accuracy: Like the game H-O-R-S-E in basketball, this multiplayer game’s goal is to hit a green and be the closest to the pin. Choose from a wide range of hole distances, locations, and elevations. The last player standing who does not spell out F-O-R-E wins the match.



Shot shaping: Players must hit a green that is protected by a series of forcefield obstacles. Each player gets three shots with challenges include hitting a straight, high, low, fade, or draw, garnering points with each green made. The player with the most points wins, with a tiebreaker for closest to any pin.


Accuracy: A new take on “capture the flag,” each player must capture as much territory as possible by landing on as many greens as he/she can. A flag is raised above each captured green, and the first player with five captured greens wins the game. If the game results in a tie, there is a tiebreaker based on closest distance to any pin.

Bar Games

Play Golf And Compete Against Friends And Family



aG LinksTM has elevated the traditional pub game of darts with a whole new spin. Improve your aim and swing performance
while you compete for the circular target. Individual play or as a competition with multiple players, the aG Darts Bar GameTM is great year-round. Similar to the traditional game of throwing small darts at a circular target (dartboard), except your throwing motion is the golf swing. Create different challenges, distances, and even invent your own house rules to make this timeless game a fun group experience.


Invite your friends and family to join in the fun, create a tournament, and make amazing shots with the club of your choice while watching it  splash into the chilling cups. BeerPong can be up to 4 players, goal is to hit your club (which acts as throwing the ball) into the cups on the opposite side, the screen will rotate when it is the other teams turn. If there are 4 players, you and another player are teammates and will take turns as the screen moves back and forth between the two sides. BeerPong is great for indoor golf centers, restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, personal homes and more.


Tailgate in style with the ultimate aG CornholeTM competition. With picture-in-picture on aG LinksTM, watch the pre-show  during your pre-game. With aG CornholeTM 4 players can battle it out for the top score of 21. Similar to traditional outdoor Cornhole, the aG CornholeTM allows players to swing for a chance to get their bag onto the raised platform in hopes of getting the closest to the hole. A bag in the  hole scores 3 points, while one on the board scores 1 point. This fun game of sack toss can be played any time of the day, rain or shine, invite your friends, create a tournament, perfect for the home and restaurants/bars, indoor golf centers and more.


Mini Golf

Play Mini Golf With Friends And Family


Mini Golf Putting Games


Introducing three putting games certain to redefine indoor and outdoor mini golf. These are sure to be a hit for the entire family. With many more games to come, aboutGOLF MiniGolf is just the start of our world class games.


The only known miniature golf course in the Universe. Flying space ships may scoop up your ball, secret lasers might zap
your ball’s energy, or an energizer may give your ball the extra boost it needs to get around the next corner. The Enterprise
would have loved to discover this world of fun!


A course curious to the Puffer Fish and the Giant Blue Sea Crab. Your ball may be propelled by an air jet’s bubbles and
will surely be challenged by the ramps and banks within the sea floor bottom.



18 of the most creative holes ever to be played in the South
Seas. The Lost Lagoon golf course has many challenges
where the sharks swim, sand crabs forage for dinner, and as
evening approaches the Tiki lanterns and crackling campfire
keep the game going into the night.


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